Tucson Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular choices for flooring today. Cleaning your tile and grout on a regular basis is as important as cleaning your carpet. Just as in carpet, over time dirt, food, drinks and soils begin to build up on the tile and cause bacteria to grow. After a Beyond Clean tile and grout cleaning, your tile will look brand new and free of bacteria just like the day it was installed. We use state of the art equipment, high pressure steam and safe chemicals to remove any buildup on the tile, grout and the corners. Don't compromise the rich and natural beauty that enhances the character of your home or business. Call now to schedule regular maintenance cleaning and sealing for your tile and grout today.

Over time

  • Mopping with a mild detergent is good standard cleaning method
  • Tile darkens as household contaminants build up on the surface
  • Grout lines darken as they absorb the cleaning agents and dirt

Restore the beauty of your tile and grout

  • High pressure hot water power wash
  • Cleaning solution used is designed to break up household contaminants
  • If needed, a heavy-duty group sealer will be applied
  • Protects against tough oil and water-based stains

Why Beyond Clean is the Better Option

Our truck mounted steam cleaning system brings a new level of clean to your tile and grout. This is not just basic steam cleaning and not cleaning with power water. We continually maintain and improve our equipment, knowledge and technology to provide the best available for cleaning for your carpets. Our equipment and processes are designed to clean the entire carpet fiber not just the surface. Our intensive, high pressure cleaning is able to deep clean your tile and grout to restore their brilliance. We really think we can surprise you with how much better our results are.

Never Any Hidden Charges

Our Beyond Clean service is thorough and complete with no hidden charges. Our seasoned Service Techs are here to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible. With no surprises and no bait and switch tactics. You can trust the price we quote you. We do not charge extra for pre-conditioning, heavy soiling, mileage charges or extra service call. If it is in your budget, we do recommend grout protector be applied after cleaning. Grout protector is

Our Complete Service Includes

• Moving and replacing basic furniture (up to 6 pieces – table & chairs count as one piece). This includes sofa's loveseats, chairs and tables..

• Treating for all spots and stains that exist. Our policy on stains is very simple: As long as the stains have not dyed the fibers of the carpet we can generally remove them for you. If dye stains (red, pet urine, ink for example) exist our Service Tech can quote specialty removal treatment for you..

• Our complete Beyond Clean multi-step clean..

• Our exclusive 7 day spot return Warranty.