Why is Beyond Clean upholstery cleaning better?

Our upholstery cleaning service will deep clean and restore your upholstery to a brilliant clean. Our unique system uses a low moisture solution to safely clean both synthetic and natural fabrics.

Optical Brighteners in our cleaning solution enhance the richness of your upholsteries color, giving your fabric a brilliant appearance. And our fast drying process allows you to put your upholstery back into use in just a few hours.

Quick Dry Results Allow You to Use your Furniture Quicker

Our process keeps the moisture to a minimum during the cleaning and this allows the fabric to dry much faster than conventional cleaning processes.

Advanced Stain Removal

Our cleaning process includes treatment for all spots and stains that may exist. Our experienced technicians know the latest techniques and solutions for removing stubborn soils and spots.

Never Any Hidden Charges

Our Beyond Clean service is thorough and complete with no hidden charges. Our seasoned Service Techs are here to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible. With no surprises and no bait and switch tactics. You can trust the price we quote you. We do not charge extra for pre-conditioning, heavy soiling, mileage charges or extra service call.